Tema: Tanta cocaina en UK que se encuentra hasta en el agua!

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    Tanta cocaina en UK que se encuentra hasta en el agua!

    Britain has a thing for cocaine. Traces of the drug have been found in toilet cubicles in Parliament. One of its major football clubs was just rocked by a cocaine scandal. And a once-prominent banker — nicknamed the Crystal Methodist — just pleaded guilty to cocaine possession.


    Britain’s drug use has now affected its drinking water. Water inspectors discovered traces of benzoylecgonine — the metabolized form of the drug — at four sites. The compound, which urine-based drug tests screen for, wasn’t at a high enough level to affect someone who drank the water, and researchers weren’t sure what caused its appearance. “We have not speculated on the source of the trace amounts and the research did not cover that aspect,” Principal Inspector Sue Pennison told The Washington Post.


    So there’s no need to fret that drinking the water will get you high. ”The study looked at ‘worst case’ scenarios,” Pennison told the Post, praising the results. It “is reassuring in that it demonstrated that water treatment was generally very effective in removal of a number of pharmaceuticals which were detected in untreated river water in trace amounts.”
    The report adds: ”Thus, the detected pharmaceuticals are unlikely to present a risk to health.”
    Y que si fuese otra droga?

    Una vez lei sobre una persona que queria llenar de LSD cierto lugar (si mal no recuerdo era un castillo o algo asi) o quizas era el agua de X ciudad, pero ahora no me acuerdo. El tema es que queria que todos vivieran la experiencia. Yo que que mas de uno lo tomaria


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    Seria algo re loco llenar el agua de algún lugar con lsd, sin contar lo caro q seria.
    No me sorprende de uk, dicen q tienen mas droga que cualquier otro país ahí, porque sera?

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